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HB19-1147: Revise Traumatic Brain Injury Bill Passes Committee!

On Friday, Rep. Snyder’s second bill of his freshman session passed the House Public Health Care and Human Services committee.

The bill makes revisions to the Colorado traumatic brain injury program (program), including:

  • Renaming the program, the trust fund board, and the trust fund to remove "traumatic" from the titles and making conforming amendments in other statutes to reflect the new names;

  • Defining "brain injury" and removing the definition of "traumatic brain injury";

  • Removing obsolete dates relating to trust fund board appointments;

  • Removing the specific statutory listing of potential services under the program and clarifying that all persons served by the program receive service coordination and skills training and may receive other services as determined by the trust fund board;

  • Allowing the trust fund board to prioritize services and eligibility for services;

  • Removing a restriction on the use of general fund money for the program trust fund;

  • Removing general provisions relating to the administration of the program; and

  • Removing the fee collected by municipalities for speeding traffic offenses and increasing fees currently collected for other offenses for the benefit of the trust fund.

We had witnesses who have suffered both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries come in to speak in support of this bill, and how much of a positive impact it would have on their lives and the lives of their loved ones. Despite some opposition from private citizens over the removal of the word “traumatic” from the definition of brain injury (which was addressed in the amendment that was adopted by the committee), the bill passed on a vote of 8-3.

The bill will be heard next in the Finance Committee before moving on to the House Floor.

Isabel Dufford